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Digital Catalogs

  • At Home  – Encompasses a variety of new titles focusing on the home, such as antiques and collectibles, cooking, crafts and hobbies, gardening, parenting and more.
  • CATS Series  – Features categorized series to meet the collection development needs of youth services.
  • Digital Digest  – Features trending topics, exciting Axis 360 programs, timely selection lists and other important digital news for your library.
  • Diversity & Inclusion  – Showcases titles for children and adults, with a focus on diverse cultures, abilities, backgrounds, locations and identities.
  • Forecast  – Promotes new and forthcoming adult hardcover, paperback and spoken word audio titles.
  • Graphic Novels  – Comprehensive guide to graphic novels, including trends, new releases and best-sellers.
  • Growing Minds  – Comprehensive guide to children's and teen selections featuring titles of interest to all levels, from toddlers to young adults.
  • Health & Medicine  – Essential promotions and the latest information on new titles for medical and hospital libraries.
  • Humanitas Unbound  – Focuses on the humanities and social sciences, including the visual and performing arts, literature, philosophy, law, politics, history, religion.
  • La Vida Español  – Resource catalog for Spanish and bilingual materials.
  • Scope  – The scientific, technical, medical and academic resource guide that is an excellent ordering tool for developing academic collections.
  • Spirit  – Promotes notable inspirational titles for all ages, with annotated title listings for topics including world religion, family life, scripture and related titles.
  • STEAM Ahead  – Presents titles that align with and support the classroom curriculum, including elements of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.
  • Travel  – Features forthcoming travel guides and regional titles.
  • UP Close  – Highlights the best in U.S. regional titles published by university presses.
  • UPtake  – Features the best hardcover and paperback books published by university presses.

Email Programs

Axis 360 ebooks

  • Inside Axis – Email communication informing Axis 360 libraries about technical updates, platform developments, new features, enhancements and upgrades.
  • Quick Axis  – Emails dedicated to digital content and topics, including new titles, collection development spotlights and promotional offers from publishers.

Children's & Teen Services (CATS)

  • CATS Book Leasing  – Prepublication list of popular children's and teen titles available to libraries through our CATS Book Leasing program.
  • CATS Booking Ahead  – Annotated list of key prepublication children's and teen titles.
  • CATS Meow  – Newsletter for children's and teen librarians highlighting the best book, music and DVD releases.

Adult Book Content

  • Book Leasing  – Prepublication list of titles available to libraries through our Book Leasing and Spirit Book Leasing program.
  • Booking Ahead  – Annotated list of key prepublication titles.
  • Emerging Voices  – Gain insight into unique new content created by indie authors. Take advantage of this growing market to broaden your inventory.
  • Encouraging Conversations  – The Features titles for children and adults on challenging topics aimed at starting discussions and encouraging growth.
  • Fast Facts  – Features the best new releases, New York Times best-sellers, publicity information and more.
  • Featured Publisher  – New and upcoming titles on special topics and subjects selected by publishers.
  • Featured Title  – New and upcoming high-profile titles selected by publishers.
  • Focus On  – Key publisher-selected titles relating to popular themes throughout the year.
  • Shelf Worthy  – Features top sellers and reader favorites with one thing in common - they're all shelf worthy and ready to order.
  • Solo Español  – Dedicated to presenting books in Spanish across age and reading levels, from picture books to adult titles, in a range of categories.
  • Virtual Book Clubs  – Monthly virtual book clubs feature multi-user pricing on select titles, virtual author events, promotional materials and discussion guides.
  • whisper, Shout, YELL  – Discover fresh reads from new voices in the adult fiction, adult nonfiction, middle grade and young adult categories.

Entertainment Content

  • Press Play  – New and upcoming high-profile music and movie releases.

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